Why East Valley Martial Arts?

We Promote character
Honesty, Integrity, Patience, Perseverance and Discipline are just some of the lessons we strive to teach.

We are supportive
We are dedicated to seeing our students achieve their goals.

We are family friendly.
Stop by anytime and observe a class.

We are fun.
Karate is a great way to get a dynamic workout and have fun in a group setting.

We are affordable
No long term contracts or 'upgrade programs', all costs are shown up front.
Call or stop in and ask about our specials below.

Kids Seminars for Summer Fun for kids age 5 to 13 sign up at least 2 days in advace

Each seminar is $20, per child, and runs from 1:00pm to 5:00pm (late pick-up may be arranged, for an additional fee). Snack, drink and craft materials are provided. Learning and active fun are emphasized in a karate environment of respect.

NINJA DAY— Wed. June 18th
NINJA DAY— Wed. June 18th Practice throwing star skills, dodge the “stars” game, hear the story Born Ninja, play games that real ninja children played: hiding, balance, agility, and jumping. Take home a “ninja star.”

SAMURAI DAY— Wed. July 2nd
Learn how samurai worked with ninjas, the importance of their sword and their code. Play balloon sword games, and make a “sword” and a wearable origami samurai helmet

ANTI-BULLY DAY— Wed. July 16th
Bully-proofing: prevention techniques and exercises. Learn a protective, yet peaceful stance for self-defense. Decorate a bookmark listing the many ways you can deal with bullies.

East Valley Martial Arts karate students study the "fist-way" of the Okinawan people. Karate originated on the island of Okinawa (now part of Japan) when it was an independent country. This small territory of farmers and fishermen developed Karate (with influences from China) to protect their families, themselves, and their belongings. The techniques have been passed down from teacher to student for hundreds of years. They were gifted to us, and now we offer you the opportunity to become part of the tradition.

East Valley Martial Arts is a great place to learn!
Learn solid self defense techniques, confidence, discipline, fitness and traditional values...all while having fun! We have classes for all ages, and offer weaponry for our advanced members. See our complete class list here. Our instructors are very experienced, patient and enjoying sharing their knowledge and experience. Our dojo provides a warm, friendly atmosphere were you will feel welcome and comfortable.

Not sure if its for you?
Try our no pressure Introductory Program. For only $25 you get one week of classes and a free uniform, just call to let us know when you are coming for your first class. Click here for our Class Schedule

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Internet Special!
1 Week of Classes & Uniform
Only $25

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great offer!

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Stop by or call the Dojo and mention this special to receive the discount, or click above to purchase online.
Just bring in the receipt and this application/waiver to get started, and we will also contact you once we receive the notice you signed up.
* New students only. Maximum 3 classes, weapons classes not included

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